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The Cat O' Nine Tails, commonly shortened to "The Cat", is a type of multi-tailed whip that originated as an implement for severe physical punishment.  Traditionally the cat is made up of nine knotted thongs of cotton cord, designed to lacerate the skin and cause intense pain. PantherProwLs Enterprises offers a variety of cats; from traditional to twisted and beyond. 

The Prey Series are vicious toys often able to draw blood. The perfect dedicated toy for the heavy masochist. This series include the VooDoos, HellCats, and DiaboliCat. In addition PantherProwLs offers the BobCat, the Margay, the FlatCat and the Twisted Cat, the cat with a twist.


The VooDoo is a double cat-o-nine-tails with 18 hand-braided leather tails with a swivel-based handle.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the VooDoo are donated to a local No-kill Animal Shelter
Price: USD$225.00.



The VooDoo2 is a double cat-o-nine-tails with 18 hand-braided leather tails.
Like the original VooDoo
, it can be very intense, but with a solid handle rather than using a swivel-based handle.
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the VooDoo2 are donated to a local No-kill Animal Shelter.
Price: USD$205.00.


The HellCat is non-braided cat-o-nine-tails, made of heavy harness leather/latigo, approx 11 - 13 oz.  Tails are 22 inches long.  The edges are not beveled, which make the toy more intense, but does increase the chances of breaking skin.  The tails are reverse tapered and the ends are cut into a “V” shape for maximum sensation.  The handle is rather thick to accommodate the leather so that the tails hang properly.
This is not a toy for the timid.

It's gotten the nickname the "Hell No!" Cat because so many Tops grab it and look at the bottom who responds "Oh HELL NO!!!!!"
Price USD$150.00.

The HellCat2, like the HellCat, is a non-braided cat o' nine tails, made of heavy harness leather/latigo, approx 11-13 0z.  The edges and ends are the same as the HellCat, making the HellCat2 - a toy made for maximum sensation, which has an increasded chance of breaking the skin. 
The primary differences are that the tails are shorter and the toy is lighter in overall weight.  The tails on the HellCat2 are 18 inches long.
Price USD$150.00.




The HellCat Pro is similar to the HellCat and made of the same leather. The primary differences are that the tails are shorter and the toy is lighter in overall weight. The tails on the “Pro” are 18 inches. The other pertinent difference is that all of the edges of the tails have been beveled. This reduces the chances of cutting and drawing blood, although with this kind of toy, one can draw blood regardless unless care is taken.
Price: USD$175.00.




The BobCat is a non-braided cat with 18 inch long tails of 1/4 inch wide oil tan.
Light and easy to handle but provides a nice bite.
Price: USD$105.00.


The Margay is a non-braided cat o' nine tails with 18 inch tails of 1/4 inch wide oil-tan leather. 
Deliberately designed and built with a thicker handle than the BobCat to keep the tails spread apart to maximize sensation.
 Price: USD$105.00.


The FlatCat is a flat braided cat-o-nine-tails. Because of the technique used to braid the tails, all 9 tails are created out of one, continuous piece of leather. As such, it cannot come unraveled. This cat is fairly light and thuddy in feel. This cat is extremely labor-intensive. The leather is usually a light to medium weight 4-5 oz soft cowhide. It comes in black, blue and brick.
Other colors may be special ordered. Other leathers may be custom ordered to change the weight and feel.
Price: USD$175.00.



Cat o nine tails of garment weight suede slit-braided together for a generally thuddy sensation.
Available in black/blue, black/green, black/red, black/ pink(fuchsia), and black/purple.

Other color combinations may be special ordered. Other leathers may be custom ordered to change the weight and feel.

Price: USD$155.00.


The DiaboliCat is a cat o' nine tails, made from oil tan
leather,  approx. 7 - 8 oz., with 20 inch tails. 
At the end of each tail, is placed a bright red 1/0 Eagle Claw fishhook. 
This implement is designed to draw blood and is intended to be used as
"A dedicated toy for the extremely serious masochist."
Price: Contact for availability and price.


The REAL Original of “The Cat o’ Nine Tails”

Except from The Daredevil Book for Cats – What Cats Really Think! by Nick Griffiths

There are many who say the infamous cat o’ nine tails was a whip.  A fearsome dreaded whip bearing nine tails – hence that bit of the name – which could flail the hide off a man’s back, soon as look at him.  (Or actually when you whipped him with it, but ‘soon as look at him’ sounded better.)  But how did a whip come to be named after a cat?, you ask.  (Well, ask it now then.)  It went like this…

There was once a cat named Grimble who was terribly vain and who was extremely fond of his tail.  Grimble was convinced that he had the loveliest sleekest tail in all the land.  He was very proud of his tail.  Too proud of his tail, some would say.

One day, Grimble was playing around with a shiny tin of cat food, pawing at it, when he rubbed a dsensitive point on the tin – and a genie appeared!  A rare occurrence, I know, but it happened.  Trust Me.

‘Grimble, o Grimble, I am the Genie of the Tin,’ said the Genie, ‘and I shall grant you nine wishes!’  (I know genies normally give out three, but it’s not an exact science.  This one gave out nine.)

Wow, thought Grimble.  What could I possibly ask for?  And then he realized, if his one tail looked that amazing how amazing would two be?!

‘I wish for another tail,’ said Grimble.

‘Your wish is my command!’ said the Genie.

And ‘ping!’, Grimble had a second tail, which he admired very much.

Now, Grimble wasn’t the most imaginative of cats – and he was terribly vain – so when it came to his second wish, all he could think of was another tail.  So he asked the Genie for another tail.

‘Your wish is my command!’ said the Genie.

And ‘ping!’, Grimble had a third tail, which he admired very much.

On his third wish, Grimble did briefly consider a nice waistcoat or a colorful cravat, but thought better of it and plumped for yet another tail.  Now he had four tails!  And he admired them all very much.

‘Look at my gorgeous tails,’ Grimble would say to passing cats, and even when they replied, “Looks flipping stupid to me,’ he wasn’t to be swayed.  Grimble was just to vain to listen to common sense. 

I’ll fast-forward now, or this might turn into a shaggy-cat story…

So Grimble was on his ninth and final wish. He had nine tails now – that’s eight new ones, plus his original tail, in case you’re confused – and even he was starting to reconsider his own logic.  Lovely as all his tails were, having so many of them was getting a bit unwieldy. 

‘You have one final wish remaining,’ said the Genie.  ‘What is that wish?’

Grimble replied, ‘Oh woe, great Genie, I just don’t know what to wish for.  I’, tired of having all these tails, admirable as they are…’

‘You could always wish for them to be gone!’ said the Genie helpfully.

‘Oh, clever Genie!  I wish I thought of that!’ said Grimble. ‘Your wish is my command!’ said the Genie.  And Grimble did think of that!

‘Right!’ said Grimble.  ‘I wish all my new tails were gone!’

But nothing happened.  The Genie had long since returned to his tin of cat food. ‘Hoi!’ cried Grimble. ‘Where have you gone?’

The Genie’s muffled voice came from inside the tin: ‘You’ve had all your nine wishes, you git!’

These events had a disastrous effect of Grimble.  Dismayed at the ludicrous number of tails he now possessed, he vowed never to show his face in public again, so he put a large paper bag over his head. But what was he to do with the rest of his life?

This is where the whip bit comes in.  This was back in the days when punishing people severely was very popular.  Burnings, tarrings, iron maidens, stocks, pillories and racks – that sort of thing.  And brutal whippings! Hurrah!

A fierce naval taskmaster by the name of Higgins chanced upon Grimble, looking all sorry for himself.   And Higgins, seeing the nine tails, had a bright idea.  He grabbed Grimble and started whipping insubordinate seamen with him!  Nine time the agony!

So Grimble ended his days passing from fleet to fleet and being swung around lustily, which became terribly wearing.  However, his vanity was at last appeased because his nine tails did indeed go down in history.

Just for all the wrong reasons.

        PantherProwLs Enterprises