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The House of Panthera Onca

PantherProwLs is the titular Head of House Panthera Onca, a poly/open leather-based House with His Wife and Alpha slave, Embers (aka PanthersPrey) and submissive, Blazing Petal, as well as the myriad of 4 legged felines: Dart, MystiCat, Minxie, MuddCat, OldGray, PO Cat,
and the feathered-one, Clemens.

PantherProwLs and Embers are a 24/7 M/s poly/open couple. Together since 2001, they have been active playing, Dungeon Monitoring, volunteering, and teaching for local groups and at national events such as NWLC, Folsom Fringe, TESFest, Beyond Vanilla, BlackRose, Kinkfest, Tribal Fire, and DomCon, among others, on a variety of S&M skillsets and Ds/Ms topics. They are member of Society of Janus, SMOdyssey, and Citadel.  He is the President of the Dungeon Monitors Association since 2011 and a Faculty Member of Kink Academy.

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